barefoot - No Orthotics, Medication or Surgery

No Orthotics, Medication or Surgery


Are You Stuck Using Uncomfortable Orthotics or Medication?
Do You Want to Get Back to Doing the Things You Love?
If So This Is An Important Article For You!!

There are so many people out there wearing orthotics, taking medication or looking at getting surgery. An orthotic is a crutch. It doesn’t actually fix the problem. If you don’t treat the root cause of the problem you could end up with the following problems:

1. Always having to wear orthotics
2. Having Surgery
3. Never being pain free

When we treat clients and treat the underlying problem by realigning the joints in the feet, knees and hips we get clients back to doing what they love and we see alot of clients do the following:
1. Throw out their orthotics
2. Avoid Surgery
3. Get back to doing the activities they have always dreamed of

“Orthotics Are a Crutch They Don’t Fix the Problem”

So why do we work to give you freedom from orthotics? Well orthotics have a number of problems, not least of which is the restriction on footwear. They can only be fitted into certain shoes, they can not be worn in heels, they can not be worn when you are barefoot, they can not be worn in thongs, I could go on. Orthotics can only change your alignment when you are actually wearing them. If you are not wearing them they are not helping you. By wearing them you are giving your body the opportunity to function better and allow the tissues to repair. But they can not correct your subluxations.

“We Want You to Live the Life you Dreamed of by Doing the Things You Love”