Where is your pain coming from?

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Where Is Your Pain Coming From? Think of your home. Think of the strong foundation it is built upon. Think about the ground that it was built on and the concrete that was laid into the ground before any one even started to build a house on top of that land. Now Think of Your […]

No Orthotics, Medication or Surgery

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  Are You Stuck Using Uncomfortable Orthotics or Medication?Do You Want to Get Back to Doing the Things You Love?If So This Is An Important Article For You!! There are so many people out there wearing orthotics, taking medication or looking at getting surgery. An orthotic is a crutch. It doesn’t actually fix the problem. […]

What can cause plantar fasciitis and heel pain

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Do you have or have you ever suffered with Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Pain? This is an important article that could make the world of difference to you. Plantar Fasciitis sounds terrifying and we see many people every week suffering from it. Plantar Fasciitis (inflammation of the Plantar Fascia) is another fancy way to say […]