Hip pain treatment on the gold coast

Where is your pain coming from?

Where Is Your Pain Coming From?

Think of your home.

Think of the strong foundation it is built upon. Think about the ground that it was built on and the concrete that was laid into the ground before any one even started to build a house on top of that land.

Now Think of Your Feet Like The Foundations Of A House

The stronger your foundations are, the stronger your house is. You wouldn’t build your house in a swamp or on sand because it would sink. Your roof would start to slip off, cracks would appear in the walls and eventually you would end up with wiring and plumbing problems as the structure bears down excessively on the cables and pipes.

You have two options:

  1. You could get a builder to fix the roof, and a plasterer to plaster over the cracks, and a plumber to fix the pipes and an electrician to fix the wires.


  1. You could treat the underlying cause of all these problems.

It is only by solidifying the foundations of the house that the roof will sit properly and the walls will stop cracking and the wires and pipes will work properly.

With MME, we realign the joints in the feet, knees and hips getting the body back into the correct position. We get people out of orthotics, out of pain and away from surgery.