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Empowering practitioners to treat foot and lower limb issues through innovative techniques and personalised care.


Matt’s personal struggle with chronic knee pain led him to discover foot mobilisation techniques (FMT) and inspired him to study Podiatry. After completing various FMT courses, Matt founded Hip To Toe in 2012 with Ted Jedynak, quickly establishing a successful clinic. Wanting to go beyond FMT, Matt developed the comprehensive MME system, focusing on the entire lower limb’s impact on the body. Through diverse techniques and exercises, clients experienced significant improvements. By 2019, Hip To Toe had grown to a team of three practitioners, treating over 300 clients weekly, and dispelling the misconception that only podiatrists could practice FMT or MME.

Matt's Book

Have a look at the Amazon Number 1 bestselling book, “Every Step Is A Journey”.

In this book you will learn:​
  1. Why misaligned joints cause pain
  2. How realigning the joints can stop foot, knee and hip pain
  3. Where the cause of your pain is coming from
  4. Alternatives to orthotics, surgery and pain killers
  5. Exercises you can start immediately to gain pain relief

Change Treatment. Change Results. Change Lives.

Matt Maguire

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