Weekend MME Course Level 3 & 4

Unlock new levels of expertise and proficiency with our Level 3 & 4 weekend course.

Level 3 offers advanced prone and supine adjustments, drop table adjustments, and the ability to create comprehensive treatment plans.

Level 4 focuses on maximising your practice’s potential, incorporating trigger point adjustments, implementing marketing strategies, and optimising client care.

By completing all four levels, you will possess the skill and finesse to perform both simple and advanced prone and supine adjustments.

Individually, Level 3 is priced at $995 and Level 4 at $1,495. However, by opting for the Level 3 & 4 bundle, priced at $1,995, you unlock substantial savings. Elevate your practice and embark on this transformative learning journey today.

$1,995.00 + GST