Bunion Pain Gold Coast Podiatrist - What Can Cause Bunions

What Can Cause Bunions

Watch the video below to find out what causes bunions to develop:

Why Do Bunions Develop?

Bunions develop because of subluxation of the joints. A bunion is usually classed as a secondary subluxation caused by a primary subluxation in the talus.

When the talus shifts out of position the big toe is unable to go up and down properly. This forces the big toe to move to the side, shifting the metatarsal and resulting in the big lump.

“There are theories that say bunions develop because of genetics, footwear, aging, and being female. This isn’t the case”

  • bunions can develop when no one else in the family has bunions
  • bunions can develop despite a lifetime of sensible shoes
  • children as young as six years old can develop bunions
  • boys and men frequently develop bunions

If Bunions Are Ignored it Can Lead to:

  1. Knee Pain
  2. Hip Pain
  3. Back Pain
  4. Surgery

When you see an expert, someone who lives and breaths treating bunions and pain everyday, someone who only treats from the hips down, you will finally be in the right hands so that you can get rapid, lasting relief of pain and get back to loving life and doing all the activities that make you happy.

If you get an expert to find the root cause of your problem and treat that you could start:

  1. Doing the activities you love
  2. Be pain free
  3. Avoid surgery