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What Growing Pains Really Are

Are You Sick Of Hearing That Your Child Has Growing Pains and There is Nothing You Can Do About It?

If there is pain in the lower limb it is there for a reason. It might be in the heels, or the knees or the muscles, but no matter where it is your body is telling you something is wrong, you need to look for the cause of the problem.

If there is misalignment of the joints, then the muscles that insert into those joints will be tearing, which will cause pain.

I recently had a six year old in the clinic, who had been waking up screaming from the pain in his heels for two years. For two years his doctor had told his mother that it was growing pains and there was nothing that could be done. Within two treatments the pain had resolved and the boy was no longer waking up screaming.

When a medical practitioner says ‘there is nothing I can do’, this does not mean there is ‘nothing that can be done’.

If you took your car to a mechanic and the mechanic said there was nothing he could do to fix your car, you would take your car to another mechanic.

It is the same with your children. If you take your child to a medical practitioner who says he cannot fix your child, then I recommend taking your child to another practitioner.

Never accept “growing pains” as a reason for pain.