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What Will I Learn In The 1 Week Intensive?

  • Practice all techniques, prone & supine, from MME Level 1-4
  • Practice drop table, activator and trigger point techniques
  • Practice exercise prescription
  • Practice consultations from initial consultation to 1 year review
  • Practice ruling up x-rays of foot, knee and hip
  • Set up your appointment book
  • Set up your fee structure
  • Set up your clinic to maximise time and space

What Will I Be Able To Do After The 1 Week Intensive?

  • Confidently do a new client consult to identify where the clients problems are coming from
  • Refer for x-rays and rule up x-rays
  • Describe the x-rays to your client and plan a course of treatment
  • Perform all techniques, drop tables, activator points and trigger points
  • Prescribe all exercises that are relevant to the client condition
  • Do follow up consultations to ensure your client is tacking correctly
  • Perform a follow up x-ray consultation to review progress of client improvement
  • Plan how to phase client off your treatment so they continue to benefit
  • Plan fee structures
  • Set up your appointment book
  • Set up your clinic
  • Market your new skill set to existing and new clients

What Will I Receive From The 1 Week Intensive?

  • A Hand book
  • A certificate of completion
  • 10 hour Theoretical CPD Points
  • 30 hours Practical CPD Points
  • A link to all prone & supine adjustment techniques
  • A link to drop table techniques
  • A link to activator techniques
  • A link to trigger point techniques
  • A link to exercise descriptions
  • Handouts
  • Marketing emails

How Much Is The 1 Week Intensive?

You can do the 1 Week Intensive for $4,795 + GST.

You can practice all the techniques you learnt in levels 1, 2, 3 & 4, while learning how to incorporate it into your clinic.

How Do Your Podiatry CPD Courses Help Me?

This week long Podiatry CPD course is about learning and cementing a new system of treatment.

You will be skilled at all the MME techniques in a prone and supine position, a master of drop table adjustments and know when to use the activator and trigger point techniques.

In addition you will be able to rule up x-rays of the feet, knees and hips. As well as being able to describe them to clients so they can understand where their problems lie.

During the week you will get plenty of practice at various different consultations from the initial consultation to the 1 year review.

When you return to your clinic you will have a plethora of marketing ideas to bring in new and old clients.

You will be able to service these clients quickly and efficiently by setting up your appointment book and clinic to maximise your time and space.

We are so confident that you will generate in excess of 4 times the cost of your course in the first 3 months that if you don’t we will work with you for free until you do.

Heel Pain Podiatrist - 1 WEEK INTENSIVE

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