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MME Mobilisation Manipulation Exercise

Matt’s passion for MME comes from suffering with chronic knee pain for over two years and not being able to find anyone that could help him.

Then a podiatrist relieved the pain and started Matt on a new path to study Podiatry and foot mobilisation techniques (FMT).

Even though FMT is not taught at undergraduate level Matt did every course he could find on foot mobilisation.

Upon graduating Matt immediately focused all his time on learning and practising foot mobilisation techniques.

In 2012 Matt Maguire and Ted Jedynak set up a clinic together on the Gold Coast, Australia, which became an instant success.

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However, by 2014 Matt wanted to do more than FMT. He set up Hip To Toe and created a new system called MME (Mobilisations, Manipulation & Exercises).

While drawing upon the foundations of foot mobilisation techniques Matt focused more on the whole lower limb and the effect it has on the upper body.

By implementing more and different techniques with different exercises Matt started to see greater client improvement.

Matt started Hip to Toe as a single room, single practitioner clinic and grew it into a powerhouse, purpose built clinic in less than 2 years.

At the end of 2015 renovations were already underway for the new purpose built premises for Hip To Toe.

The Hip To Toe team moved into the new premises at the start of 2016 which gave the company room to expand and take on more practitioners.

A podiatrist joined the team and completed the MME training under Matt’s guidance.

Then in 2018 a physiotherapist joined the team which gave clients the ability to claim more from their health funds for their MME treatment.

The addition of the physio also dispelled the myth that only podiatrists could practice FMT or MME.

By 2019 the team of 3 practitioners were seeing more than 300 clients a week, while Matt was reducing his hours in clinic.

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Where Are Your Courses?

Matt started running his MME training courses in 2015 to help more practitioners learn MME and how to implement it into their clinics.

By 2019, with the clinic running itself Matt was able to devote more of his time to teaching MME training courses.

Upcoming events:

London, UK, April 2020

Glasgow, UK, May 2020.

Sydney, Australia, June 2020

Melbourne, Australia,  July 2020

Gold Coast, Australia, August 2020

Auckland, New Zealand, September 2020

Sydney, Australia, October 2020

Hobart, Tasmania, November 2020

Further cities in 2021:





Matt Wrote A Book To Help More People

In 2015 Matt wrote the Amazon Best Seller “Every Step Is A Journey”.

This book has helped people in Australia, America and the UK become pain free and live active lives.

In this book Matt describes:​

  1. Why misaligned joints cause pain
  2. How realigning the joints can stop foot, knee and hip pain
  3. How to look for the cause of pain rather than focusing on symptoms
  4. Alternatives to orthotics, surgery and pain killers
  5. Exercises for pain relief

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Matt Maguire’s unique treatment and systems made Hip To Toe proud winners of the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards

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