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MME Mobilisation Manipulation Exercise Courses

Level 1 & 2

Saturday 4th April MME Level 1 London, UK

Sunday 5th April MME Level 2 London, UK

Saturday 2nd May MME Level 1 Glasgow, UK

Sunday 3rd May MME Level 2 Glasgow, UK

Saturday 6th June MME Level 1 Sydney, Australia

Sunday 7th June MME Level 2 Sydney, Australia

Saturday 4th July MME Level 1 Melbourne, Australia

Sunday 5th July MME Level 2 Melbourne, Australia

Saturday 8th August MME Level 1 Gold Coast, Australia

Sunday 9th August MME Level 2 Gold Coast, Australia

Saturday 5th September MME Level 1 Auckland, New Zealand

Sunday 6th September MME Level 2 Auckland, New Zealand

Saturday 7th November MME Level 1 Hobart, Tasmania

Sunday 8th November MME Level 2 Hobart, Tasmania

Level 3

Friday 2nd October MME Level 3 Sydney, Australia

Level 4

Saturday 3rd October Day 1 MME Level 4 Sydney, Australia

Sunday 4th October Day 2 MME Level 4 Sydney, Australia

Level 3 MME – CPD Course for Podiatrists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths

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Upgrade Your Knowledge & Skills with CPD Training. If you’re looking to improve your techniques in Foot Mobilisation, foot manipulation, we have a range of CPD courses and workshops that are hands on, practical and more importantly… work.

Whether you’re a Podiatrist, Physiotherapist, Osteopath or professional therapist wanting to improve your skills and build your practice, we have a course to suit you.

We currently have upcoming CPD Events and courses in:
London, Glasgow, Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart,Brisbane

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